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This café on Stefensgade is definitely one of our favorite office-away-from-the-offices in Copenhagen. The small coffee shop has a real neighhourhood vibe – meaning, the owner and baristas would recognize you if you visit often enough. Customers seems to be regulars and know one another. Digital nomads frequently occupy the “work desks” tucked in the back of the café, while family and friends enjoy the homey communal table by the entrance, chitchatting with the café staff, or relaxing alfresco.

nørrested nørrebro copenhagen københavn
Nørrested is a work friendly cafe in Nørrebro, Copenhagen

The space also houses art works and designer lighting pieces, offering ‘food for thoughts’ while you are having a writer’s block.

Address: Stefansgade 47, Copenhagen, Nørrebro, Denmark

Telephone: + 45 60 63 93 39

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