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Mikkeller is probably the most well known craft beer venture in Denmark, so famous that they even have a wikipedia entry. They have several bars in Copenhagen; make private labels for Michelin starred restaurants such as Kiin Kiin; export hundreds of bottles across Denmark and overseas; have several international outlets, including one in San Francisco, Tokyo, Bangkok and more cities; won many awards, and has established itself as THE place to visit in Copenhagen.

Mikkeller is primarily a microbrewery specialising in small-batch, one-off brews. Flavours are often experimental and yet approachable. Their bars break away from classic feel of traditional pubs that are often dark and masculine, presenting a delightful, refreshing touch with an iconic Nordic simplicity.

In general, Mikkeller’s craft beers are considered to be relatively pricey. In fact, they serve some of the most expensive ones in town; but for those coming from cities like New York, London, Hong Kong and Singapore where alcoholic beverages don’t come cheap, the cost isn’t really that bad.

Here is a list of their bars around town; and what we think of them:

Mikkeller Bar (Vesterbro)

It all started here. Located in a vibrant street in Vesterbro with stylish restaurants and bars nearby, the legendary joint is always packed with tourists and beer geeks alike. The place is fairly small. On a sunny day, it’s not too bad to avoid the crowd by staying outside and have a chilled beer.

Mikkeller & Friends (Nørrebro)

The second bar of Mikkeller established with To Øl. This bar is larger than the venture’s original one in terms of its size and menu. Located in the trendy Nørrebro district, the place is popular among hipster locals and tourists alike. Pop by the place after exploring the Michelin-starred Ralæ or its sister Manfred’s & Vin around the corner if you are on a gourmet tour and want to tick all of the boxes.

Koelschip (Nørrebro)

This Belgium-inspired little joint is right next to Mikkeller & Friends in Nørrebro. Fancy glassware and Belgium snacks await.

Mikropolis (Nørreport)

A craft beer bar that also highlights cocktails made with small-batch liquors. A great place to take your female friends whilst you can enjoy your pint of IPA (let’s admit it, some ladies really do not drink beer at all). It’s located in the heart of Copenhagen, next to the lakes and the city’s famous food hall Torvehallerne. Perfect to hop from one must-see place to another if you are visiting the city.

Warpigs (Vesterbro)

In the meatpacking district flooded by tourists, this American-inspired gastropub serves a wide selection of American-Danish style beers and Texas barbecue bites. A place to see and be seen, Warpigs is also a popular pick for those who are eager to meet new friends.

Mikkeller Barrel Room  (near Christianshavn/Holmen)

As its title suggests, you will find a selection of beer from Mikkeller’s huge barrel room. The space hosts special events regularly.

As the group is fast expanding, you can visit their official website to find out their latest new F&B concept.


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