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District Tonkin

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District Tonkin probably serves some of the best Bahn Mi in central Copenhagen. In fact, it is definitely our favorite pick for Vietnamese Baguettes.

Inspired by the food culture in Hanoi, District Tonkin provides a straight-forward menu, highlighting Bahn Mi and Ricenoodle salads and a few more classic Vietnamese snacks.

While the menu is honest and simple, the food is colorful and exciting. Their baguettes are always freshly based, leaving crispy crust with a warm and soft center, which is generously stuffed with savory ingredients, be it barbecue pork, grilled beef, chicken cooked with lemongrass or steamed tofu slides. Fresh coriander and mint, crunchy cucumber, sweet carrots and onions, homemade mayo and the signature Tonkin sauce adds layers of textures and flavors to the simple dish.

On a hot summer day, its appetizing rice noodle salads zested up with sweet and sour dressing is just pure delight.

Recently, they have also started selling another Vietnamese classic – Pho. Trust that it will warm our hearts during the cold winter, or – one of those the chilly and rainy days in the Danish summer.


Address: Dronningens Tværgade 12, 1302 København, Danmark

Telephone: 6088 8698

Address: Mikkel Bryggers Gade 2, 1460 København

Telephone: 6088 8011

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